Camille is a femme tomboy bike-nut, fashion fanatic, casual intellectual, tech-nerd, and life-long artist, who has been bullied into appreciating the oxford comma. She's been a professional jam and pickle maker, cooked in kitchens you couldn't even imagine, and managed a kitchen at a vegetarian housing co-operative.
From a very creative family and long line of artists (grandmother, great-grandmother, great-grandfather), a good eye is in her blood. Camille has been an editor for a photography studio, won some art contests and scholarships, and studied drawing, painting and sculpture at CCA.
Camille graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Research lit her up like a firework. She's conducted and written studies such as 'value formation and consumption in East Bay Food Not Bombs,' and 'the role of the physician in regards to patients with chronic pain.' Out of school, she hasn't stopped learning, and recently picked up CSS/HTML, jQuery, and some python, as well as corporate and small-business tax accounting.
Camille is currently stationed in San Francisco in view of Sutro Tower. She keeps the cats herded at Stamen Design, and recently sold her car to upgrade her bike.

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